Start with Data Service App

Create the first data connection

Simple steps to create your first connection with simple CSV (comma-separated values) data content.
Create Data Source
  1. Go to your Dashboard.
  2. Select the project in which you want to create the data connection (on navigation toolbar).
  3. Click on button Create new Data Source.
  4. Insert Data Source name, in Type drop down, select Data Content anche press Create new Data Source button.
  5. Now your Data Source is ready to be configured
  6. In Content field, insert your CSV data (copy/paste operation)
    Important! first line of CSV data field contains columns field name.
  7. Click on button Update Data Source and back to Project.
Create Data Bridge
  1. Click on button Create new Bridge.
  2. Insert Bridge name.
  3. Select Data Source, if are present more Data Sources, select name that you are create in previous step.
  4. Select Bridge type with name CSV/TXT data
  5. Click on button Create new Bridge.
  6. Click on tab Configuration and verify value of Field separator used to separate values.
  7. Click on button Test service to view result

[Video] Create the first connection with CSV content

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