Data Service App Documentation


Data Service app consists of few simple steps. Firstly, you create a new project, select the data source (i.e. CSV, Excel files, XML, web page), build the Bridge connection and we are ready to connect our apps to service data with the simple REST call.

Data Service App Markup Language (DSAML)

DSAML is a meta-language based on XML that lets you define rules to extract data from a Data Source.

Connect data to your App

Here some example of code to establish a connection with Data Service App Bridge.

Data Sources

App Data Service provides several ways for accessing external data on the Internet. In fact, you can fetch data from a web page, from files downloaded from Web sites, from FTP sites, from Cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive and many others).


Once the link to the data is ready, we can turn the data into the structure we want.
To do this we use the Bridge that allow us to connect to our Data Source.

Video tutorials

In this section you can find some video tutorials that will assist in the first steps of Service Date App.
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